The season starts August 13, 2018. Training camp/evaluations will be 4 days/week for the first 2 weeks. We will then have our draft and team practices will start the following week.  There will be 3 practices per week for the teams prior to the first game (2 weeks).

Practices after the first game are twice a week at the Spanish River Sports Complex Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Games are at Patch Reef Park on Yamato Road just west of Military Trail. Games will be played on Sundays throughout the season between noon and 6:00pm.

It is a local recreational league within the Boca Raton area typically. We do have relationships with some neighboring cities for games or tournaments for All Stars but our goal is to “keep it local” and family oriented. Our experience is the kids get to know each other and make great friendships because of this approach – even with opposing players!

Each player is given a ranking after the training camp via mutual agreement among all the coaches. Each team has 3 coaches and a sponsor where their 4 kids are “frozen” on their respective team.   During the draft, any frozen players must be chosen in the order of their ranking. This gives equal weight to teams who have frozen players that may not be top ranked while having first access to top players who are not frozen. Our goal is for equality and to eliminate the ability to “stack” a team.

As EBT is a recreational football league, our mission is to introduce players to the sport. No matter what your kid’s size or ability is, he/she has a home at EBT. Our coaches are here to help with all the little (and some not so little) adjustments with getting comfortable in the uniform. While we strive to be competitive (or it would not be called a “sport”), we do understand that many players may never suit up for the next level (high school or college) but you never know what a kid can become if given a chance. Our motto is “Kids come first” and they all get to play! We’ve seen some amazing things happen!

Our number one priority is safety. We follow all USA Football/Heads Up Program Guidelines. All our gear is purchased thru Football America and Riddell – the same places high school’s purchase their gear from. ALL our helmets are NOCSAE certified and we follow all guidelines as spelled out by NOCSAE. We strive to make all practices and drills safe for all players with an emphasis on proper tackling and blocking techniques taught by the Heads Up Program. We are currently partnered with USA Football to provide us with a nationally-recognized coach’s training and safety program regarding concussion awareness, Head’s Up tackling and equipment fitting. We take this very seriously.

Yes. Any player who is above the division limit will be allowed to play with his age peers but not as a Quarterback or Running Back.  Players above the weight limit can receive passes but beyond the line of scrimmage only.  The player may choose to play up in the next division if he desires to play these positions assuming he makes weight in that division.  Weight limits for each group are as follows:

Superstars 6-7 years old 90 pounds
Freshmen 8-9 years old 105 pounds
Junior Varsity 10-11 years old 125 pounds
Varsity 12-13 years old 155 pounds
Pro 14-15 years old No weight limit

Absolutely. We carry Liability Insurance for all EBT staff and volunteers as well as mandatory medical insurance for all players and cheerleaders. We also comply with the “SafeKids” initiative where we are insured for inappropriate actions against children. All coaches must comply with the “SafeKids” guidelines for disclosure and any directives set forth by the insurance companies for “SafeKids” coverage. All coaches are also screened by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) against national and regional crime databases.

Currently there is a 4 person board ultimately responsible for running the league. Volunteers are welcome! Regarding structure and rules, we strive to emulate many of the various national organization’s guidelines while retaining the flexibility to tailor things to meet our local needs.

Yes. We welcome all parents or big brothers/sisters in helping with the league. There’s lots to do and we welcome any and all participation you can provide. Just let us know and we’ll find something for you to do!!

Spring Camp is May 12 from 9:00-1:00 and is FREE!  You don’t have to be registered with EBT Football League to attend. If you are registered and paid in full, you will receive an East Boca Tackle Football League T-Shirt!

We will have FREE camps each Thursday night in the summer at Sand Pine Park from 6:00 – 8:00 pm starting on Thursday, June 7th.